Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Basement of the Library Tower Flooded, and Fallout

If you've tried to access the current periodicals recently, you know that the Basement of our Library Tower is flooded (burst pressure valve.)

No one is allowed down there and some of the current periodicals have been moved to 11LT:
HD 9560.1 .S73
JA1 .C65

We hope to have it back open on Wednesday some time, once the carpet has dried out.

The other thing resulting from this was that last night, our connection to IT was severed, which cut off our access to just about all things library (Web pages, catalogue, research databases...)

So, our Public Services & Systems Librarian and crew have created this Web page, which sits on an entirely different server than the Library's other resources. It lists access to our catalogue, the e-journal list, and all of our research databases:
In the unlikely event that this ever happens again, you can use it to access the library's research tools.

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