Monday, April 23, 2007

Benchmark Sources for Canada and (mostly) B.C.

From the CARTA-L (Canadian Maps & GIS Libraries and Archives) email list, April 19/07...

Pictures of benchmarks, many on this page from B.C. at Canadian Benchmarks, A Category:

"Canadian Benchmarks will include several types of permanently fixed survey markers, monuments or other devices that are used for taking accurate measurements within Canada."

See Mascot on this page:
"The MASCOT system consists of a network of over 50,000 survey control monuments situated in the valleys and mountains throughout British Columbia. This network of monuments was established from mapping and control surveys conducted over the last century. During the 1960's, through a partnership between the provincial government and local governments, the physical control system was extended to developing areas. MASCOT is a database of the provincial control survey's physical system and provides published coordinates and elevations and related data for public access and use."


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